Monday, January 18, 2010

How did I miss it?

How did Eliz go from this little 3 year old...

To this big 5 year old?!

I mean, when you look at it, she still looks the same-same Elliott features-big cheeks, almond eyes, but the face looks older, the nose is longer, the cheeks not quite so cherubic.
She went to her first sleepover party on Friday, and while she was totally ready for it, Bry-D and I weren't so sure.  When I went to bed that night, I happened to pick up a picture that was on the floor next to my bed-from when she was 3.  She suddenly looked so much like a little toddler in the picture, and this picture from earlier in the day she looks like, well, like a little girl, not my baby girl.  So when did it happen?  Slowly over time so that it was an imperceptable shift, or suddenly and I was just oblivous to it?  I used to want to have the superhero ablity to fly, now i want time manipulation-so I can slow everything down and really enjoy it!

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