Friday, January 15, 2010

Comparision: Haiti and my comfort

As I read the headlines, and hear the reports, I wondered if I had anything to say about the tragedy ion Haiti. What could I say that hadn't already been said-my sorrow, my regret, my desire to help was an echo of what everyone else has already expressed. As I considered this while washing dishes, it occurred to me that many Haitians in Port au Prince no longer have dishes to wash. As I checked the laundry to see if the dryer was done, I realised that not only did very few people there have any clothes other than the ones on their back, also they have been wearing those clothes for a few days, and probably don't know when they would get to wash those, or a new clean set of clothes. My children are playing in the background, my husband on his way to work, people in Port au Prince may not even know if their families are alive; I am very aware of my comfortable life, and right now, I feel rather guilty about it. I don't live in luxury, but I do live very comfortably. So, I feel the need to alleviate my guilt by giving back somehow, by helping these people in need. What can I do? Prayer of course, is something I can do-it's easy, and it doesn't really interfere with my everyday routine-again, it does not affect my comfort. I can donate money, or clothes or household items I no longer use/need. Again, these do not affect my comfort. So, are these things enough? That is the question that is nagging me-what can I do that is enough? Don't misunderstand, I fully believe that prayer can literally move a mountain from one geographic region to another, but I feel I'm being told that in this case, there is more to be done. But what, and how much? Am I to drop everything, leave my family to go Haiti? Should I be organising some sort of benefit, a donation drive? Hhhmm. I suppose I'll find out what it is, or just ignore it until it's to late to do anything.

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