Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nevermind, I didn't want a sewing room anyway!

Well, it's a good thing we had already decided to move Eliz and Lex into Eliz's room, b/c we may have water damage. We noticed a funny odor Saturday night in Lex's room, and neither Bry-D or I could find the source, which lead us both to think that it was in the wall or on the foundation. My Dad does home remodeling, so he came over to check things out. He believes(we won't be able to tell until it stops raining)that we have water between the brick and the drywall, in the space where the insulation is supposed to be. Well, hooray. I had already gotten Eliz's room ready to begin a slow transition to room sharing, however, we had to do a trial by fire last night. Things went much better than I had thought, both kids went to slept reasonably well. I put Lex in the portable crib, there was no way he was going to settle down and sleep on his floor bed; too much new stuff around! The other part of the moving them to one room was that Lex's room would then become a playroom, with the kids' toys and my sewing/crafting desk. The closet is a good size, so I thought we'd add a few shelves and be done with it. Well, mostly done with it. But now, I can't move in until we get the wall fixed. And we can't fix the wall until it stops raining. Fine then. I'll wait.

The wall. That I think has something against me. Maybe because I never painted a mural on that particular wall. Hhmph. And this is Bry-D's preferred weapon against possible mold.

Big strong man that he is. Te hehe, I love that man o' mine!

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