Saturday, August 15, 2009

So, how did the yard sale go?

It went well, thank you for asking. I had the yard sale for one reason-we had some big pieces of furniture to get rid of, and I didn't want to deal with making two or three trips to Goodwill. And, since I sold all but one of the big pieces, the yard sale was a roaring sucess, IMO. I didn't find out until I went to take the signs down that two of them were missing. Which is most likely why I had so few people on the second day. It's only annoying in the thought that someone probably took them down on purpose. In any case, I rummaged around the attic, garage, and house, and anything I found that I didn't want to keep, went out on the driveway. I did the simplest pricing possible, groups of items were marked with an all-around price-most everything was $1, or $5. It would have been nice to get some money for the DVD player and Playstation 2, but we had certainly gotten our money's worth from using them. At 6pm yesterday, I loaded up my car, and it is loaded, and after I shower today, we'll head to Goodwill. Then the natural foods store Nature's Pharmacy for veggies and fruit and teething cookies for Lex, then to Target. Maybe we'll stop by the Farmer's Market. Then home to puree some food for Lex, Nap for Eliz, and clean up a bit. Then I'll probably take Eliz over to my sisters, and I'll head over tot he hospital to see a new baby! Yay! My friends Matt and Hana had thier first child yesterday, and I'm so happy for them! The baby boy is Gavin David(great name) and only people that know Hana and Matt will know why this matters, but he has brown hair. Matt is a redhead, and most people were either seriously or teasingly wanting a redheaded baby. I guess I'll have to learn to live with dissappointment. So, a busy Saturday to go along with a busy week!

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