Monday, June 15, 2009

It's not even raining!

That's what Bry-D said yesterday when, in the middle of a movie he's wanted to rent for at least a month, the power went out. He ran outside to see if our nieghbor had lost power as well, then called it in to the power company. They told him it would be an hour and a half. He came in and with extreme frustration, dressed for a bike ride, then rode off in a huff. I've never heard him leave so loudly. A bit miffed, I'd say.

About EC, well, I've figured out Lex's signal for when he's about to poo. However I have dissconnect when comes to actually getting him on the potty for it. We will sit, and I'll see the signal and think to myself, "Why, I think he's about to poo!" Then he does and I'm so proud of myself for guessing correctly, it takes me a minute to realise I should have SAT HIM ON THE POTTY!!! So, I'm going to start giving myself electroshock treatments int he hopes that it will remind me to put the baby over the potty, so as to save myself from getting so inimate with my son's poo. And he's screaming, so we'll talk more later!

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