Monday, April 13, 2009

It's already 5 o'clock?!

Well,this has been a quick day. A rainy cold and wet day, but it went very fast. I've found that the key to getting thigns done for me is to get up and just get started. Otherwise, I just sort of...wander. If I do things in the same order everyday, then things really flow. I've also learned there's no use in wanting each day to be the same for the sake of "normal". Each day is different; if you're wondering what a "normal" day for you is like, you've just had one-trust me, it's always like this! I used to always say to myself, I'll wait untiol things get back to normal, then I realised things were normal. Like it or not, this is life. Thinking of like, I'm going to be trying out different backgrounds until I find the right one. Not sure I like this butterfly one. To glittery for me. But I don't really have time to go try another-dinner musts needs fixin'!

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