Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birthday gift for Eliz

Bry-D and I have a rule in our parenting, if the kids ask for something that we really wanted when we were kids, we do whatever we can to make it happen.  They don't ask for much, and technically, Eliz didn't specifically ask for this.  In fact, she was so jazzed about her up coming party, she said she didn't really care what she got.  But when Daddy came home form work with her gift, he got the jitters
 And the giggles.  We made her wait, and wait, and wait.  Because we like torture in our house.
 Since he doesn't know how to keep a secret, Lex had to wait, and wait, and wait too!
 A new bike!  And this is where that parenting rule comes in.  Bry-D always wanted a Mongoose bike, but his parents couldn't afford it.  So, we picked one out for Eliz.
 Black and pink with the trick bars on the front and the back.
 Haha, that's going to be for her brother!
 It was a success, she loved it.
 Dad thought it was a success too.  Think he was kind of proud of himself, too.
 Man, on her old bike she seemed huge, and on this one she seems kind of small.
 I forgot to tell you we got Lex a new bike at the MotoGP Family weekend.  They had a Promo area for these bikes by Stryder, they are pedal-less bikes.  The hard part of learning to ride is the balance part, not the pedalling.  So these bikes are made for the kids to learn to balance themselves on.
 Pretty cool, huh?  There are lots of accessories, I'm holding myself back from buying colored wheels.  This bike came with Monster Truck stickers.  Lex loves Monster Trucks, his favorite is The Avenger.
 Bry-D just couldn't help himself.  He took her bike for a spin.
 Then he showed her how to use the bars to trail someone.
 She liked it this way better. 
 Bry-D and Lex had a race.
 I could barely watch as Bryan had her practice trailing Lex.  I really don't know what the reasoning is behind this.  Crazy boy.
 And that's what we've been doing lately, riding bikes.
 And learning dare devilish tricks.

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