Monday, August 6, 2012

There's a big box on the front porch

Most of it is for me!  Well, for school.  It really doesn't matter what you're getting, when you see  box like this from the Post Office on your porch, you go regress to 1st grade, "What is it?!  What's inside?  Lemme see?!"  Even though I had studied the things I was ordering very carefully before chosing to order them, it was still like Christmas in Ju...I mean August.  Maybe we'll order curriclum earlier next year so I can say that.
 The one thing that wasn't really for me, was Bry-D's new lens.  It's a zoom lens.  It's ME!
 And Eliz!  While we're painting and flooring the kids' room, they are sleeping in the playroom/sewing room.
 And Lex, er, Spiderman!  He was as far from each of us as he could get, but since he really wanted to test it out, he had to find a better, further away subject.
 Wow.  That car is a little more than a block from our house.  We've got some cool stalker gear now.
Later this summer you'll find out what Bry-D's plans are for this lens.

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