Friday, August 3, 2012

First Trip to the Fair

The friends that we ride with have two girls that show in the State Fair, so we went to watch.  Bry-D has ordered another lens for the camera that would have been perfect for this, but it came in after we got home.  I could have zoomed in close enough to see the detail on the kids' faces!
 Even without good pictures of the barrel racing, we had a good time.  We visited Diesel in his stall.
 He is one of the prettiest Palomino horses I've ever seen.  though there is something about Diesel that makes you think he's not the sharpest of knives.  Not sure what exactly, but you wouldn't be surprised that if he spoke, he sounded like one of those stereotypical surfers.
 It's a Llama!  I had no idea you could shpw Llamas!  A whole new world has opened itself to me!
 My lil' cowboy, so sweet!
 What a pretty cowgirl!
 Free ice cream, oh yeah baby!  I think he's really planning on eating the cup.
 Really, does she have to grow up?
 And then there's this guy.  Ride 'em cowboy!
 One of them says, let's go, the other says, stop and pose for a picture!
 Okay, but let me stand over here, she says.  Eliz might be a little to trusting.

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