Saturday, July 7, 2012

They're here, finally!

It worked!  She even came without the Country Boy!  Originally, The Nurse and her Country Boy were going to come late Saturday or sometime Sunday, but after the wine picture, well, she skedaddled right on over! No, really it was the fact that we kept harassing her with pictures of all the fun we were having and begging her to get here sooner.

First Zoey & Tink (not pictured) showed up. 
Bonnie was so excited to The Nurse, she immediately used her Blankie to make a cape for her.
Then she had to have her picture taken with Superhero Auntie
And of course, this lead to the other girls needing pictures with Super Auntie.
And even Big J warmed right up to the Nurse.  Not that he wanted to sit in her lap for a picture or anything.  But for an adult female, she seems pretty alright.
We also visited the nieghbor's horses.
They loo-ved Bonnie.  Not sure she loved them loving her.
They like peppermints the best, so we found as many as we could

We had decided to grill chicken that night.  We had a...malfunction with the grill
How many women does it take to fix a grill?
And once you have it fixed, how do you get it to work?
Praise the Lord, The Nurse's Country Boy showed up.
We assumed that since he has more testosterone than us, he MUST know how to work a grill. It turned out we were right.  The kids took longer to pass out than we would have liked, but they did eventually go to sleep. 

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