Friday, July 13, 2012

The last day

The Nurse had already left, she had to work, but as for the rest of us,
We sorted through our shell collection.  Everyone got a Mason jar with their name on it, some PCB sand and then we went around in a circle so everyone could fill their jar.
 I didn't mention that when the rain came, lighting hit the house and took out Gigi's TV and her land line wasn't working.  She had the phone man come out, but we actually had to convince her to speak with her insurance, seeing as how she's an independent Southern Woman and all.  In the afternoon, all the Mom's took a nap and the kids watched a movie on a little tiny DVD player. 
 We visited family, and somehow I only got pictures of the kids & Chester.
 Chester is at least 15 years old, and a great dancer.  I got him to show off for the kids. 
This would be a keep forever picture, except Eliz has...yeah, Eliz is 8.  But look at how great Casserole looks! 
We also cleaned up from the storm to help Gigi out. The Teacher is petrified by heights, and I'm not. So when she said she was going up on the roof to clean the branches, I offered several times to go instead. But, seeing as how she's a wanna be independent Southern Woman and all, she went up. The left side of the ladder was missing the thingy that keeps it from sinking into the ground, so as she went up it tilted a bit, which shook her just a tiny bit. Once she was on the roof, Gigi brought a broom over to where she was.  The Teacher had her back turned and so, didn't see that Gigi was indicating she was going to throw the broom onto the roof, directly behind the Teacher, as Gigi said, "I'm going to put this right here, Darlin'."  And clatter boing bang, the broom flew to right behind the Teacher, and The Teacher flew almost to the top of trees.  What really made this funny was Gigi's reaction to the Teacher freaking out.  Gigi's a sadisitic old woman!  She bent forward at the waist with her hands at her sides, and delightfully declared, "HA-HA!!!!"  Dang, Gigi, showing your true colors, huh?  To add to the Teacher's truama, even though I kept warning her the ladder was going to tilt to the left, she still nearly died when it did. 
We got eveything packed up, and left for Indy, about the time we said we would.  We made a stop at The Nurse's house.  We caught her just before she had to leave for work.
The drive home was full of rain that we had hoped to bring all the way back to Indy with us, but didn't.  There was a fun moment when we stopped for a potty break and change into jammies at Steak N Shake.  The SUV's were parked next to each other and since it was raining, we had all the kids get out between the two vehicles.  We parked next to the drive through window, and as we started walking the kids across the lot, a couple in their car got to watch the kids just a' keep on comin'.  They actually commented to The Quilter about it.  The rest of the drive wasn't very interesting, probably because everyone was worn out.  As usual, the last 30 minutes were pure hell, because you are so close to home, and so incredibly tired.  I have decided that this was not a vacation.  Vacation means you relax, you rest, you get back refreshed.  Since that didn't happen, this was a trip.  A very good trip, but for sure, not a vacation.

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