Friday, July 6, 2012

The First Day

Another tradition?  Strip the kids down and get them in water.  Out came our slip n slide.  Clyde and Lex ready for action!
 The boys flexing their muscles, warming up for all the fun. 
 They aren't the kind of boys to take it easy.
 Bonnie, on the other hand, has her own way of doing things, as you've seen before.
 Gigi, which is what the kids call Grandma, got her chair and watched them for almost the entire time they were out running and sliding.  That's me taking pictures next to her.
 Slide Tater Tot!  SLIDE!

 He's perfected his technique.
 Clyde, like most of the smaller kids, did not do very well waiting for the next person to be off the silde. 
 Again, making my knees hurt!
 Dragging the hand, what girl!
 Yea, we'll save this picture for when she's older and thinks she can do whatever she wants.  Oh, really, Bonnie?  Well, I think we'll circulate THIS at your school!  Evil parent laugh HAHAHAHA!
We had these squirt gun shooter tube things. 
Mommies laid in the sun while kiddos had a boy vs girl war.
Notice: Tater Tot has two shooter things. The girls had extra, which they hid from the boys until the opportune time.

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