Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Library Fun

I love Library Programs. I'm even willing to pay for it. I've never liked the library that is the one I'm “supposed” to use, so I go to 3 other libraries that I love. One library is only 3 miles away, but it's in a different city. The second library is the closest, but it's in a chain for a different township than the one we live in. And the third, which is also my true favorite, is 30 minutes away, but it's in our township & other than parking (it's downtown) it's free. Since I've never lived in the correct place, I've always had to pay for some of the programs at the two libraries closest to me. I guess you could call me a Library Snob. Both libraries have changed how they do their fees, so this summer was actually cheaper for me. It was however, more expensive for people that live in the right place -which is upsetting, and really doesn't make sense. But that's not what this post is about. To save money, one library isn't using an already prepared Summer Program, they are sort of doing everything on their own, which has turned out to be really fun all around. One of the first activities they offered? Angry Birds! I don't play -really, I don't- but I LOVE all the Angry Birds stuff.

Another time we played pirate themed games, swab those decks kids!

 Lex got to be the pirate in the boat.

 Little kids trying to pass a squish ball without their hands was too funny! 
 Guess what Lex did during that game? Yep, just stood there watching.
We got to learn about and see bats at another library. I could go on and on about how badly we need bat houses, instead I will just tell you to research it and then go buy or build one.

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