Thursday, May 24, 2012

Community Day at IMS

My Dad gave The Quilter and I tickets to Community Day at the track - so much to do!  My battery ran out, then The Quilter's battery ran out, so only a few pictures, but way more fun than picture can capture.  but that's always how it is, isn't it?

We drove on the track, but it was really disappointing.  We were only allowed to go 25 mph,
 AND we weren't allowed to pass people!  What's up with that?  It's the Indianapolis Motor Speedway RACE TRACK, and you can't speed?  I have some choice words for that!  Yeah, my Daddy's a race car driver and I finally get on the track he raced on, only to drive UNDER 50 mph.  Meh.
 As I said, though, there was a ton of things to do!  This was a spot for racing remote controlled cars.  There were bounce houses, a track that had HUGE, and I do mean HUGE, tricycles for the kids to race on.  None of our kids were really big enough to ride, but the larger ones made it work, and I got to push the smaller ones.  The Quilter had surgery a week ago on her wrist, and claimed that she couldn't help because of the cast she had on.  She also had trouble taking pictures, geez.
 A Helicopter!  Oh, the joy!  There was an EMT vehicle, but the Helicopter was kinda stealing the show.
 The boys saw these small prong parts sticking out of the front and asked if they were guns.  The EMT's laughed really hard. 
 The tire changing station!  Real Impact drills, it was Hi-larious!  Taters and Eliz did all of the bolts.
For sure, they are future pit crew members!
 Lex did one bolt and was next to me with his goggles off in...about the amount of time it takes a pit crew person to do a single tire. 
 Clyde, however, stuck it out and got all his bolts in, while his big bro, the g-man, wouldn't go near it.
 Yeah, Bonnie, well, I don't think she got beyond the impulse of the drill and she was done.
That's when my camera died.  The Quilter has pictures of the other things we did - getting in race cars, looking at antique race cars, the looong walk back to the car.  Seriously, the walk from the cars to the event was really short, but the walk back to the cars was 20 minutes?!  How does that happen?

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