Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Our church puts on an Easter Egg Hunt each year.  Lex and his good buddy had a great time in the bounce house.  I took 16 pictures, and these are the closet I got to "good" pictures!
Really, don't they know I'm trying to record these memories?
You'd think they didn't understand the importance of a clear shot!  They just kept running and bouncing and giggling,a s if that were the point!  Geez.
Here's the most in focus picture I was able to obtain.
Eliz had a sleepover at a friends and met us there, and poor Bry-D had to chase the Houdini dog that go out before he could come.  So, I took Lex out for his egg hunt.

Checking his loot.  It will only be a couple of days before they forget they have candy, but Bry-D and I won't forget until we've eaten every last piece.
A friend of mine was doing face painting, and I started painting faces too, so I missed Eliz's egg hunt.  Bry-D got there just in time to go with her, though I haven't seen any pictures from it.  I have eaten some of the candy, though! 

What a pretty butterfly!

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