Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm shocked. Really. I'm totally shocked.

Bry-D walked in the door a little late from work and all he said was, "Don't judge me!"  Well, it's kind of hard not to now that you've said that.  He also told me he kn ows he's a tard.  All this with that sort of guilty look on his face.
 And why was he acting this way?  Because he bought that.  Yeah, you're looking at Bry-D's upgraded remote controlled helicopter. 
 This one hovers.  It turns on a dime.  Goes backwards.  Cleans bathrooms.  You know, all the stuff your husband's toys should do.  Just kidding about the bathrooms-I wish!
It is a cool helicoptor, and even though I could give him a hard time, the truth is, I really don't care.  It makes him happy, the kids have fun with it, so whatever.  However, this does not make him look like he's ever going to grow up.  Ah, well, he can be the fun parent. 

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