Friday, November 11, 2011

Carrying on a family tradition

Since the night Bry-D brought home Rocksmith, Eliz has wanted to play.  And even though the electric guitar we have is way big & heavy for her, she makes it work.
You really do learn to play the guitar, though I think she would do better with a 3/4 electric.  She'd only want it if it were rainbow or pink. 
I once asked Bry-D to teach me to play the guitar.  He wasn't sure how to do it, because for him, music comes naturally.  It's a part of who he is, somewhat because he learned so early.  Just as sewing is something I can just do, he can play most any instrument, and don't let him tell you differently.  And so, Eliz is learning.  I don't expect her to play for other people, or to be in a band, but she comes from a few generations of musicians, so she's expected to learn.  I do look forward to watching her jam with her father.

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