Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fun for the whole family!

The phone conversation went like this-
Bry-D: I'm going to stop and buy a video game on my way home from work.
Me:  (Kinda bored)Okay, what game is it?
Bry-D:  You'll really like it, we can all play it.
Me:(Very skeptical) What game is it?
Bry-D: You'll see when I get home!
Me:(Very skeptical, a little concerned and kinda confused) What game is it?!?
Bry-D: You'll see when I get home-it's interactive!

He came home with RockSmith, a newly released guitar game.   We don't often get picture of that smile, which is an indicator of how excited he was.  And the fact that he had just heard about it, and he was willing to pay $80ish for it.
 You plug your electric guitar into your Playstation, and learn to play. Or in Bry-D's case, learn to play favorite songs with the correct and oftentimes much more difficult chords.
 Groupies not included, though our house has three, five if you count the dogs. 
Yes, I've been playing it.  I refuse to play after Bry-D, it's very damaging to my confidence.  I'll pick my single notes to a sing, then he'll play the actual chords.  So I always go first. 
 I'm still deciding if being a guiter player is worth the really short nails.  What's the point in painting them if they're just little nubs?

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