Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eliz's birthday weekend

We had been asking Eliz what she wanted to do for her birthday, and she kept repling, 'I don't know.'  It was just days before the big day that she requested The Children's Museum.  No problem!
 We spent most of our time in the Treasures of the Earth exhibit.  Lex dug up Chinese statues,
 Eliz & Bry-D put them together!  I would really like to get a more advanced camera to see if I can get high-quality pictures inside the Children's Museum.  I took so many more pictures, and so few turned out.
 Bry-D being silly with Eiz.
 Colorful birthday cake!
 And Taters came over to celebrate!  This year I took Eliz shopping to buy a birthday outfit.  We're blessed to recieve so many hand-me-downs that we literally never go shopping for clothes, so it was a special and fun first for Mommy & Daughter.  She finally decided she wanted more My Little Ponies as her birthday gift, so we went and bought those, as well. 
 Don't trip!
 Big breath & bow 'em out!
Sorry, but once cake is served, I put the camera down.  Had the weather been better we would have gone to the Zoo as well.  Bry-D had a four day weekend, but we laid around the house on Monday watching movies.  A nice simple weekend for her 7th birthday.  Next year is a party year, I'm betting she's going to want a sleepover party.  Eeek, better start preparing myself for that now!

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