Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bry-D's vacation

We don't usually go anywhere when Bry-D has time off.  Trust me, I'm working to change that.  However, we do have a good time.  Since Eliz was having her riding lesson, we got Bry-D on a horse too. 
                                                 Waiting for his horse
         Ready, set...
 Steady now!
 Aren't we cute together?
 We eventually got him to trot
 What was Eliz doing during all this?  Riding Sonya, being a good little student.

There is a very specific reason why Bry-D takes a vacation the last week of August. 
The MotoGP.
A motorcycle race held in Indianapolis.  On Friday we packed up the family and went to the track to watch practice. 
It was a big day-Lex's first time at the Track!
 The previous Saturday, Bry-D and I had gone on a charity motorcycle ride; my parents had taken the kids for us, and my dad took Lex to the Racing Museum that's at the track. It was apparently almost sensory overload for the little guy. 
This trip was too-it took him a long time to settle down enough to be able to sit down.
 This is Eliz's 3rd year, so she's an old pro.  We only had them sit and watch for an hour or so before we went walking around.
 Eliz found a motorcycle she wants.  Lex, well, Lex wanted all of them.

Then we saw this sign.  What!?!  Are you serious?
 Oh yeah!  I'll sign anything, just get me on that bike!
 This was definitely the highlight of vacation for Bry-D
 Awww, he's so cute!
 And she's so big!
Look at him go!
 See the pink shoes? That's how you know it's Eliz
 He let her ride on her own!  Oh, I'm tearing up with pride!
 The guy riding with Lex did several wheelies.
Yes, we're very proud parents.   The kids' excitement over the motorcycles made the salespeople laugh. 
We were told several times that our kids made them happy, or made their day.   It wasn't surprising-they do the same for us, everyday!  Yup, a fun, relaxing family vacation.

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