Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I grew up with a creek in my backyard, so walking the creek was an everyday thing.  Now I have to drive my kids down the street so they can get wet and muddy.
Lex likes to pick up rocks and throw them to make a splash 
 While Eliz searches for shells from small freshwater clams
 Lex discovered his echo in this tunnel, he was estactic to find someone that returned his "hello" everytime
 Then we met a family looking for crawdads.  Eliz thought is was great until she got a look at the crawdads claws.  then she suddenly didn't want to be in the water anymore. 
 Lex makes friends just as well as his sister!   He had to change clothes because he went face first into the water.
 I'm really not sure what Eliz is doing this picture?  An ancient Keep The Crawdads Away Dance?
It's worth the 5 minute drive, and the education.  Because of this visit Eliz got library books about algae, crawdads, and water currents. 

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