Friday, June 10, 2011

Sorry for our absence, but

we were suddenly attacked by summer.  Maliciously.  And violently.
As you can see.  I really don't know how we survived the past week.
Summer started with VBS, or BoBs as this program is called.  My girl, the uber participant.
I used this motorcycle in a how-to last spring.  He hasn't been riding into work, but he often has "errands" to run when he gets home from work.
Library visit!  Eliz got her first real library card, and we signed up for the Summer Reading Program, of course! 
 After spending last summer sweltering in the backyard mini pool, Bry-D and I agreed that a YMCA membership was a good idea.
 Eliz is already a strong swimmer, Lex is very close to swimming on his own.
 And yes, the fence got finished!  Didn't he do a spectacular job?!  When he was attaching the gate I told him he had never been hotter.  Some women go giggly for jewelry, I get silly over garden tools.  To each her own.
 I believe that this leg and sandal tan line is hard evidence that I should spend more time lounging poolside and less time working the garden.  Don't you agree?
So, I will do my best to keep everyone updated on how we're muddling through this summer.  We certainly have plenty to do.

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