Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Days

Bry-D says that we need this all this rain to clean the salt and grime off everything.  I suppose that's true, however, I haven't been very inclined to go out in it.  Not sure why, maybe b/c the rainy gloom came immediately after the snowy gloom.  We've been hanging around in the house lately, not doing anything very exciting.
Young artiste's at work.  He is constantly telling me that the white and grey crayons are "Boke". I have yet to convince that they are not "boke" they are just difficult to see on light paper.

He never says orange is broke.

Finished work
Eliz has gotten really interested in drawing things from pictures.  Though she never tries to draw the exact picture, she usually changes something about it to conform it to her personality.
She used the watercolor pencils for this Easter Basket, though I don't know if she ever painted it.
Color in motion!
Such concentration
Reading.  She's getting braver and braver about reading books herself.
She kept telling Eeyore, "Be still, I'm trying to lay on you!"  She was to comfortable to adjust her skirt when I told her it was flipped up.
A basin, two small cups, and water.  All he needs for a good time.
That towel was soaked by the time he was done.  Clean up was easy-he thinks the dishwasher racks are a train, so I tell him to put stuff in the train, and then he choo-choos it for a few minutes before closing the door.
Maybe next week we'll venture out into the mud again-if I get us rain boots.

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