Saturday, September 25, 2010

Answered Prayers Summer 2010

It's been really busy around here, school, work, and housework.  Last Thrusday I was in my car in tears from the overwhelming wieght of God's love and blessings in my life.  The more I thought about it, the more I felt like I needed to make a list of all the prayers He's answered this summer.  Feel free to add to it, or start your own.

My husband has his job
There were no ER visits for myself, the kids or Bry-D.]
Our cars still work
Bry-D got his bike fixed
Not only is my namesake(Grandma Coupland) out of the hospital/rehab, she's able to do many things for herself.
Homeschooling has gone well
Our old dog, Sadie is doing well
Ethan David was born healthy and strong
Ethan's mommy is able to nurse him!
My little sister got engaged to a wonderful man!-I actually never prayed for her to get married or engaged, just to be with a man I would be proud to call my brother in law.
I got a brand new instep quick n easy bike trailer for $25
A woman gave me her serger, with 5 extra presserfoots-this is the one that made me cry, for so very many reasons.  I work as a seamstress, and a serger would make so many things easier and faster.  At the start of the summer I asked Him to find a gently used serger at a garage sale for $25, but free would be nice.  The last day of summer, I went with a friend to a garage sale where the woman was clearing out her sewing room.  I asked if she had a serger, she said "Yes, for $20, no wait I don't have the foot controller, so $10, no, sweetie, you just take it.  You take that serger and use it."  A week later she got ahold of me to tell me she had found the footcontroller, and some presserfeet.  While I was there, I paid her the $20, b/c I just couldn't think of another way to thank her.  She was having another garage sale and met my sister.  She told my sister that she was going to get alot more money out of the serger but, "My Lord spoke to me and told me to give it to her."  He loves me, He really, really loves me!

Some of these were quick prayers and some were hot topics of discussion between Jesus and I.  I suppose the reason I'm so blown away by the serger is that I kind of thought of it as something that wasn't really necessary, like the bike trailer.  But with both items, I knew He was giving me what I asked for, and my heart was overcome with gratitude.  I pray I can always be so thankful. 

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