Sunday, July 11, 2010

A place of his own

Eliz, being older and having been the only child for awhile, has several places where "her" things are kept.  She shares most things well, but I felt that with school going full swing in our house, he needed a place all his own. 
Library books only, please.  See all the dinosaur books?  Eliz is really turning into a little paleontologist.  I'm pretty sure I spelled that right, and I didn't have to look it up.  Dear me.  Lex's board books are harder to see, but they are all things with wheels and cars and machines.  B/c those are the only books he will sit still for.
A xylophone, truck cards and shape cards.  I don't expect much learning from these, but he likes looking at the different trucks and saying "Big" or "Truck"  The rest of the baskets are Montessori activites- the measuring cups are for stacking and banging.  The cup and bowl usually have a spoon for him to use to play with.  Inside the can are some sticks that he can drop into the slot.  Which reminds me I need to switch those out for some paper strips.
The paper in the box is for crumpling and tearing, I'm also working getting him to put them into the basket after he tears/crumples them.  The bag is a mystery bag, the bowls get used for all different activites, and the cup, block, mini bilibo and lid are used for different vocabulary activites. 

While Eliz is working on something, I'll do a few of these with him, to keep him occupied, and he will come over and play with them on his own.  His personal favorite right now is banging the measuring cups and stirring the spoon in the bowl and the cup.  Then he drinks out of the cup. 

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