Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boys will be boys

I've heard that boys love dirt, and apparently, my boy is no exception.

First he set his foot in it, then he sat down to taste it.
He decided that mud does not taste like chocolate
But it's an awful lot of fun to play in

Our old dog, Sadie, loves to play in mud too, in fact, this is the mud hole she makes every year.
So far in Lex's life, he and Sadie have had very little in common, but this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship
On the subject of boys behaving like boys, guess who just had to play with his Dino Nuggets at dinner?

Yes, that would be Bry-D, making his T-Rex roar and chomp on a poor stegasaurus.

Should I be surprised that ketchup was used to make it more realistic?

My father once told me that no man ever matures, some just learn to hide it better than others.  Bry-D, not hiding it so well.


  1. Is Sadie really an old dog?? I remember when she was a puppy, licking me and drooling all over my hand while she tried to get me to throw the ball? Cute pics!

  2. Well, just what can I a mother I am terrible proud that my son is eating...on the other hand...he does have a vivid imagination....gotta love him