Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coloring fun

Last week the Quilter and I went to Imagination Station.  They were having a moving sale, and everything was 40% off.  I didn't lose complete control, though I did enjoy watching the kids play while we shopped.  Eliz loves the Calico Critters animals, and Lex didn't notice anything that didn't have wheels.  One of the things I bought were watercolor pencils, one of my favorite art supplies.  Yesterday Eliz and I used them for the first time.
She painted on half of the paper, and I did the other half.
She really enjoyed it.  In my opinion, watercolor painting is the most relaxing of all artistic activites.  That and wheel throw pottery.  Mmmhhh, I've just gone to my Happy Place...a studio with a pottery wheel, big sky lights and lots room for easels and painting...ah, someday.
When I first put the water on it, she had her nose on the paper, watching it turn from pencil marks to paint.  At first she was making very thin lines, and getting upset that they weren't producing more color.  She quickly figured out that the thicker the line, the more paint you get.
I'm sure we will have plenty more of these, but I won't share all of them with you.  Have a great day!

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