Thursday, March 11, 2010

A visit with Grandma

Last week, we got this book from the library. 

There are four other Fairy Tale Cookbooks-Breakfast, Dinner and Deserts.  Since Grandma was coming over, we did the Little Red Riding Hood Deviled eggs and Chicken Salad recipes.  Turned out great!  Grandma used her camera for pictures, so I will have to wait to get them from her to post.  Eliz and Grandma peeled the eggs, and Eliz must have thought we were making egg salad, because she started breaking up the eggs.  Since she's not very good at breaking the eggs into small pieces, savvy Grandma was able to save them.  We're going to try the other recipes-I'm looking forward to the cinnimon rolls.  I'll do a real review then.
  Of course, as Eliz knows very well, Grandma can't resist bringing gifts.  She brought Lex and Bry-D's belated birthday gifts(we never seem to be able to get together close to actual birthdays) and a little activity book for Eliz.  Eliz opened Lex's gift for him, since she's such a helpful sister and all.

And where was Lex for Grandma's visit?  No, he was not eaten by the wolf, the little guy slept right through it and didn't wake up until a full hour after she left!  So, we'll have to take him to her, and hopefully he won't sleep for that visit.

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