Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some handmade toys

After The Quilter and I finished our project yesterday-check out our mad carpenter skills here-I took the scraps home with me.  There was a 2X4 that was about 18 inches long, I had The Quilter and my Dad cut it into 5 pieces.  The Quilter got to the last cut, when the board was 7 inches long and said, Umm, NO.  My Dad asked if I could get it any smaller.  If I had ever used an electric saw, I would have cut it myself.  The other scraps were all different, from the various home improvement projects going on at my sister's house.  I used 150 fine sandpaper and hand-sanded the corners and sides so they weren't quite so square.  Then Eliz and I rubbed them with olive oil.  I don't have picture yet of the kiddos playing with them, but they seem to be a hit.  And good for hitting and making music, according to Lex.

And now, some Eliz photography!  I've posted her pictures before.  She doesn't actually have permission to use the camera, but she's a sly little girl, and I have yet to catch her using the camera.  I don't usually find out until I'm reviewing the pictures that she's been taking them.  Her favorite subjects are:

The dogs
Her toys
Her brother
And whatever that is. 

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