Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A new project

I've been planning to redecorate the house for a longtime.  I mostly want to repaint and add some different accents.  We've needed new floors pretty much since we've moved in, and we've finally come to an agreement on what kind of flooring(snap-in laminate)color(whatever matches the floorboards).  That's happening end of summer, early fall this year.  We desparetly need more lighting in every room of the house, and that's something I would like to take care of now, b/c then, I can start painting.  Tee-hee.  I've been thrifting for the accent pieces for the house for a couple of months, I thought that I had everything I needed.  But when I got everything out and began to consider what I had, it just seemed to be missing something.  I went back to my style boards, and re-assessed what I liked about the things I had chosen.  Then I saw it.
 I didn't have any pictures.  I realised that in some of the pages I had torn from magazines, what really caught my eye was the photo in the frame, not the composition of the nightstand/lamp/flowers/frame.  It seemed silly once I had thought about it, since I know the reason I love a few of my friends' decor is because of all the pictures.
  Thus began the great photo search of 2010.  I have very few pictures on display, and the same pictures have been on display for at least 5 years.  So far, it's been very fun, and Eliz has enjoyed hearing who people are and disagreeing with me on some things.
  "Who is this?"
  "Aunt Kenzie" 
  "No it's not."
  "Yes it is, she was a little girl."
   "Hmm, I think you're wrong."
   Well, fine then, don't believe me, but really, it is her.

Here are a few I've found.

Remember your wedding day, when everything had to be in the perfect place?

I have lots of pics of my little sister like this.

Remember when your dog was your child?

He may never speak to me again for this!

Expect more fun stuff as I get through my boxes and boxes, and cds upon cds of pictures. 

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