Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm here, I promise, I didn't leave!

Though I've considered it very seriously. I was working very hard to be ready for 2 craft shows in November, and I had several obstacles to overcome. Enough that I began to think that maybe I wasn't supposed to be going to the craft shows. I got some pretty clear guidance from God, though. I'm not going to give you the long list of what all happened; I'll just tell you about the end of the first show. It was 2 days and we found out fairly fast that things weren't going well. No-one around us was selling, and neither were we. On the second day, I went and sat in the car and started talking to God. There was about an hour and a half left to closing, and I hadn't even covered my booth payment yet. I started the conversation feeling sorry for myself. I told Him that I thought I knew His voice better, that I thought I knew when He was saying no, but I must have been wrong. I moved on to being angry, at myself, at Him, and just plain old angry. Then I came to myself again, and put it simply.
"God, you know my husband. If I don't at least cover my expenses, he's not going to let me do this. If You want me to do next week's craft show, or at least make an effort for it, and then follow it with opening a store on Etsy, I have to cover all my expenses, at the very least. So, if You want me to continue in this direction, You have to make sure I cover my expenses. I'm not giving you a fleece, I'm just saying it how it is." Because I was a little emotional, I was a bit more wordy about it, but I felt much more at peace afterwards, and I made the decision, if I don't cover my expenses here, I'm not doing anything for next week other than showing up. I went back inside and told my mom. It wasn't really what she wanted to hear, but she couldn't argue-she knows my frugal husband too. If I came home and told him I hadn't made up what I'd spent, he'd lose it-not only had I not made money, I had lost money. So, I waited. In the last hour, (Ever noticed how He does that?)A woman walked up and ordered a tent. That, in addition to what I had sold the night before, covered my booth, hotel, and food. Just enough. All Mom said was"I guess you'll be sewing this week!" She was rather smug. At the second show Mom did great, I did okay. If you add up the expense for both shows, and what I made, I covered my expenses, with a little left over. And now, my mom, my sister and I are going to another one this weekend. Yeesh. The second show turned out to be great marketing as a lot of people took my business cards because of the tent. Which brings me to the big announcement-
Lee & Loren at Etsy is now OPEN!! Yay! I have more news, but it will have to wait. Hope you enjoyed the miscellaneous pictures, that's a general pictorial-what-I've-been-up-to.

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