Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eventful weekend

Of, course, if you have three days for a weekend, you should do something with it, right? Well,we had all sorts of miscellaneous things this past weekend. Lex pooped on Bry-D for the first time. Which isn't a big deal-it was bound to happen, but when Bry-D threw his _very_ poopey pants in the washer for a spin cycle with a double rinse(just to be sure) he forgot to take his phone out, and it wasn't until he called it a few hours later, that he remembered where it was. Which lead to a discussion about getting new phones. We found out he wasn't due for a free upgrade for awhile, but I was. My mom had also kindly offered me her old blackberry pearl. I'm pretty basic when it comes to my phone-Camera-not necessary, but I'll use it if it has one. MP3 player-my phone has one and I've never used it-can't see the purpose in it if I'm always home or close to a radio. As long as it sends and receives texts, and calls, I'm fine. We made the decision that he could take the pearl at least until he could upgrade. This was fine with me, but then Bry-D started looking online, and picked out a phone he thought I'd like. He isn't usually someone to just spend money because(even with the contract it cost $$), so I went along with it. It's a pink Blackjack refurb, Bry-D used the pink part as a selling point to me, which I thought was cute-it has these bells and whistles that you don't care about-and it's pink, which you do care about! Yes, I have chosen most of my cell phones based on their color-it's what matters to me. Then we had a surprise sleepover invite for Eliz from my sister. So I met her halfway-we live about 45 minutes apart. A friend had asked if we wanted to go to dinner, which I thought was cool, but Bry-D wasn't interested-"I thought you wanted to hang out just the two of us." How sweet. We stayed in, but rented a movie, and in the morning, I kept waiting for Eliz to come into our room. It felt too quiet to me w/o her there. Bry-D didn't agree. After church we went to my parents house fro a cookout/birthday get-together. G-man and Taters were both turning 3, so Shell made a cake, that had G 3 T on it, and Char(formerly known as Chuck) didn't get what it meant, even after we explained it to her. Who's the 3? Dad grilled and, as usual, it was phe-nom-inal! Oh, yeah, and there was this race in town, umm, the Indy 500, I think it's called. Bry-D didn't go, we had a really small group this year-I guess we're all getting old. I got some crafting in, made Lex a butterfly mobile, check my other blog for the step by step how to. So, now I'm tired and still waiting for the postman to deliver a couple of books I ordered. Drive faster! Skip everybody else and come to me first!

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