Monday, March 23, 2009

Lost and found...

It is driving me crazy. I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but it matters to me. You'd think I knew this person or something...oh, geez. A couple of weeks ago I was wandering aimlessly around the blogosphere, and found a blog by a fellow crafter that I really enjoyed. She used her cat as a model, talked about making things out of felt-something I've been thinking about, referenced one of my favorite books, I was like, oh! new BFF, I've found you! And now, I can't find the stinkin' blog to save my life. And I'm so annoyed. Ugh. I am so OCD. Happy things are happening- my fabric for my first Etsy listings are going into the washer. Dear sweet OCD Mom came over and helped me find my sewing desk under all the crap that got dumped on it while I was pregnant. So, yea to those things. Once I get that stuff started, I can work on some of the things that I've had to put off, which opens up the thought...where do I start? What do I start with? I'm giving myself a headache...all those in favor of a chocolate break, say "I". Glad to have your support!

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